3 Drug Store Brand Highlights To Die For

Yes I am a little boujie when it comes to my makeup products and names but  I am always down for an affordable drug store product. And let me tell you these here are just giving me life. These are competing with my high end names. If you are looking for one to add to your makeup kit or you are just balling on a budget these high lights are affordable and a must have..

Lately we have been seeing the drug store makeup brands step their games up. They are definitely not the brands we use to put on our faces in high school. These new formulas they are producing are full of pigmentation and they give you more than enough product for the price.

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder

Strobelight Instant Glow Powder makes strobing and highlighting easy for beauty novices to experts alike. Light-reflecting pearls create a radiant finish that define your features with a healthy, warm glow. –Milani Cosmetics

Price: $10

I purchased mines from Walmart and the two colors I purchased that worked best with my skin complexion were “After Glow 01” and “Sun Glow 03.” I will be picking up 02 I mistakenly grabbed 03 but it still worked bomb.

Wet N’ Wild To Reflect Shimmer Palette

You glow, girl! Perfectly coordinated shimmering trios in a beautiful pearl finish. The baked technology delivers high pearl and pigment payoff, and can be applied wet or dry. Each palette provides an instant bronze or a slight hint of color for a glowing complexion. –Wet N’ Wild Cosmetics 

Price: $5.99

I purchased these beauties at Walgreens. The two colors I purchased were “I’ll Have A Cosmo A006” and  “Boozy Brunch A067.” These I found worked best if you spray a little Mac Fix Plus directly onto product and then swatch with brush and apply to the face. My favorite bush to use to apply these glows is my Morphe Y11 Brush 

Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer

Ok….SO this last one I can’t find anywhere I google it and everything went to amazon to see if it was a discontinued color or whatever…all I know is I’m going back to Walgreens to stock up on this color. I even had to take my own pics of the product itself so y’all knew I wasn’t lying about the name…  because y’all know someone would be petty and say I’m trying to keep it for myself… but Im not I just can’t find it anywhere but I hope you all can… The Color I purchased was “3519 Beautiful.”

Price: $4.29

So I purchased mines as stated before from Walgreens. But what is confusing about this here is it says baked bronzer but it is faaarrrrr from that in my opinion… see the swatches below… Do you agree?

NOTE: All my swatches were done on clean skin but I did spray fix it plus down and let it dry for a quick second before swatching on the arm. For the simple fact that most glows even though some are in “baked” form can be powdery so spraying “Mac Fix It Plus” down first it will hydrate the product, make the pigment really pop, and give it something to adhere for “all day” stay.


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