About Me

About Me

Naomi Blake was Born January 1988 and adopted at the age of 2months by a single female school teacher in Akron, OH. Known for being a tomboy , exceptional in sports, and playing various instruments back in her hometown she secretly took a liking towards fashion and beauty.

As she got older in her teenage years she went through terrible phases. In the process trying to get to know her biological family and getting to know herself around that age she felt lost and confused. Clearly her biological history explained why she was so eccentric and open but her current lifestyle that she was raised in could sometimes feel confining; SO she acted upon it. Especially hanging with the wrong crowd.

Later on she graduated from high school, and attended ,and graduated from an HBCU on an athletic scholarship. But “life” didnt stop there obviously. In college she experienced emotional and sexual harassment from students, teachers, faculty members, and athletic coaches. Physical and emotional abuse from relationships, and being drugged and almost killed.

Through all odds she has hustled and worked to now owning her second store and becoming a social network enthusiast located in Miami, FL… Do you want more? Well follow my blog and you will find out the rest.

Website Goals:

My goals with this blog is to be informative to not only to women about fashion, beauty, and makeup; but to men also and sometimes just to have a great laugh. To help men understand a mind of a woman and to understand all that we go through. For women and young girls, to give them someone to relate to; someone informative. With my stories, experience, and willing to learn from everyone, we can grow together so that we can become better individuals tomorrow.

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