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Defying Death and Her Second Chance at Life and Success

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  • miamitip#TBT years ago today this is what I was dealing with…. Every year around this day or on this day I get sooooo depressed! Today I spent my day in my room in the dark by myself (only left to pick my son up) The reason I get so depressed is because I question myself am I using this second chance in the right way? Am I living up to God’s expectations? I don’t think I’ve answered myself or felt like I was until today! My accident was a blessing in disguise definitely an eye opener. Now I move different now I appreciate things AND my money I am wiser than ever before and the best part is I am closer to God! It takes a strong person to try and transition from a state in which they are comfortable with to something they’ve never done before! Now four years later I am releasing a video to a hit record and I have completed the first book out of the 5 I want to release! When I read the comments like “Bitch should stick to stripping” or “that’s why she almost broke her neck” I don’t get offended because it was in God’s plan for me to become to strong woman I am today and to do the unthinkable! However I do get disgusted especially when it comes from minorities because instead of rooting for a sista that is taking steps to changing her life from being someone you don’t want your daughters looking up too to someone who conquered things you can never imagine! Take the time to learn someone’s story because another person’s tragic testimony could be the way to their Success!! ❤️ –@MiamiTip

Being in Miami I have came across woman from different walks of life. This one in particular is on her way the “TIP” top. Meet Miami Tip also known as Tip Drill. She was another young lady I had the chance of meeting on my regular “Boob and Booze”  visits to King of Diamonds Miami.

Miami Tip is one of Miami’s premier entertainers on and off the stage. She does death defying drops from 50ft ceilings and preforms chart rising songs ft. major artists like Fetty Wap. What made me want to blog about her was her recent post on her Instagram @MiamiTip.

Story is she was doing her death defying drop  from 50ft in the air and couldn’t stop and broke her neck on stage. “She wasn’t supposed to make it” they say. Miami Tip took that experience and not only thanked God for blessing her with a second chance at life but she also gained courage in a time of fear , and strength in a time of weakness. She at that moment was an example of “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” In life there will be things and decisions we make that in turn will have a consequence. It is our responsibility to take that experience and learn something and to better ourselves. She not only appreciates life even more, she gained a better relationship with God, and she now takes advantage of the life that he has planned for her. The road to success may not always be pretty but the journey makes you stronger, wiser, and more appreciative and worthy of the prize. S/O to Tip a wise and strong woman beyond her years. I see where your going and I pray that you make it and keep inspiring others along the way. Much love, respect, and success.

Check out her new Video and hit Single “Low Key” Ft. Fetty Wap