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Johnson and Johnson must pay $72 million for Chemicals Linked to Cancer Deaths

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $72 million to Deceased Plaintiff-blogged by @djb.jewelz 

The well known brand Johnson & Johnson has been ordered by a #STL jury to pay $72 million to the family of a deceased plaintiff, Jacqueline Fox. Fox allegedly developed ovarian cancer from the talc in the company’s products. She died right before the trial at age 62. 

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Fox was a user of Johnson & Johnson for over 35 years. She specifically used their #ShowertoShower line which is for feminine hygiene. J&J is already facing about 1,200 suits after studies have shown that talc can lead to ovarian cancer. 
The jury found the company guilty of negligence, fraud, and conspiracy. The company was aware of their products containing these chemicals and refused to add a warning label. Ted G. Meadows, attorney of the plaintiff said, “The internal documents tell a horrifying and infuriating story of corporate greed and indifference to human life. We are honored to represent the family of Ms. Fox and to bring to light the misdeeds of this company.”.