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Power Networking Conference 2016-Day 1

The Power Networking Company is the only conference of its kind and is the #1 conference in the world. a conference for  small and large business owners, and community leaders to network , mingle and gain info on improving and or starting their business and or themselves. ” If you want to meet important people you need to be where important people are” -George Fraser.

Day 1: It was something to get use to because I’m such a night owl so I can say I was a little worn throughout of the day. But I can say that day one was an experience. Being 28 years old and done all that I have done so far in business day 1 has taught me that I am on the right path. One thing did stand out to me to emphasize what I already knew. That failing over and over and over will only lead eventually in success. In each quarter of failure a lesson was learned, and eventually I will come out on top. You cannot give up you have to keep trying.

Day 1: Gave me an opportunity to mingle and listen to people in both start up businesses, small businesses, and people in fortune 500 companies. Everything was amazing I only had one problem so far. Me being the computer, internet, and social media “nut”  that I am I decided to sit in on the “Mobil and social media marketing” class and I was disappointed on how outdated some of the information and resources that our presenter presented. He used amazon as a platform for e-commerce platform. And he talked about himself the whole time not putting himself in the listeners shoes. He kept referring to old methods of selling online using accent second party systems. I felt like if he was going to teach people to start an online business he should have referenced new, growing, and better systems and e-commerce software and or programs. At least if your going to mention a well establish platform he could have at least mentioned Ebay. But he spent most of the class talking about himself which doesn’t help anyone to figure out themselves or their business.

But the day was saved by the greatest class and teacher of all time. “WordPress and Mobile Marketing 101 For Small Business” taught by Mr. Darnell Smith. OMG!!! Even though it said 101 most of the people in this particular class was pretty familiar with the basics of wordpress so we really went more in dept than “101.” I learned so much in this class even though being very proficient in the software I learned so much more. Shortcuts, hot keys, and other tricks to increase website traffic and efficiency. I also networked and exchanged business cards and other little business secrets with other builders and website managers. It was like a fresh of breath air meeting like minded people. I even met other bloggers. I was sooooo in love with this class… So at the end of day 1 in the “Power Networking Conference” it was great and I love it so far. I just hope that the rest of this week can kind of try and gear its way to using newer generation methods that will help everyone trying to start a business or currently have one move ahead and or stay ahead .