Live Stream Videos

“Hot Pink and Halo”
Feb 5, 2017

“Pink and Glitter for V-Day”
January 29, 2017


“Bronze and Boujie”
January 22, 2017


“Valentine Pink Cut Crease” Pt.1
January 8, 2017


“Valentine Pink Cut Crease” Pt.2
January 8, 2017


“As Natural As It Gets”
December 18, 2016


“Wine and makeup” and new makeup and beauty STUFF review
December 12, 2016


“Makeup For My Mommy” Pt.1
December 11, 2016


“Makeup For My Mommy” Pt.2
December 11, 2016


“A Little Something For The Holidays”
December 4, 2016

 “Blue Dream” Featuring Kat Von D Metal Palette
November 27, 2016

Using Anastasia Beverly Hills  “Renaissance Palette”
Novemeber 21,2016


Smoked Out Featuring Morphe “35O” palette
Novemebr 17,2016


Doing a look using Morphe “35O” palette
Novemebr 13,2016

Pink Hair and Extreme Glitter Cat Eye
October 6,2016

Doing live stream here it was messing up in makeup group
September 18,2016