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“Walking Out on Faith” Premier Dancer Quitting King of Diamonds Miami and Opened a Successful Medical Spa

Trap Life. 4months Ago I Walked away from the strip club (KING OF DIAMONDS KOD) making 4K+ only working three nights a week and stepped out on faith with Flawless Icon @lasermepleasemiami. I never announced I retired , I quit , I just didn’t go back i couldn’t juggle both I had to give 100% focus to one. I Danced for 8yrs, and Refuse to go back, I sowed seeds & I prayed to much for my business to rely on the stripclub. For all Strippers still dancing stack your bread and invest in what you love to do, a vision and goal you want to accomplish . You will know when to walk away, that time will come and when you do dont go back. Theres money out here. Trust in God that he will provide all your financial needs plus more. If you only see money in the Trap then that’s where you will stay. You can only dance for so long, you body will change and age will catch up to you. Dont get caught up in the lifestyle, & what they rap about, The shit gets old and YOU WILL GET TIRED. Be wise get in make the money and get out. STACK STACK STACK. Don’t go buying bags and shoes every week for the gram. You will go BROKE TRYING TO Impress PPL. Invest invest invest. Start a business, Go to school, Do something with the money. You dancing now doesn’t determine your future. I wish I had more sense a few years ago with all the money I made but I’m VERY greatful and thank God everyday for my business. I surely do not deserve it. He is more merciful than I am faithful. And that he has delivered me from the club and everything that came along with it. It’s only the beginning. #2016 follow @lasermepleasemiami….


I moved to Miami, FL about 1 year ago and coming to Miami a tradition is to go to the World Famous King of Diamonds. My first night there I loved it. Its not like any other strip club its a show and the food was amazing. So with all that said I became a “regular.” BOOBS and BOOZE.. . In the process I got to meet a lot of the girls and staff that worked there. One that stood out to me was this curvy bomb shell named VIXEN.. Had to follow her on IG. In the process of seeing her at King of Diamonds from time to time she also was very business savvy and driven outside the club.

When thinking of an exotic dancer most of the time you think they strip and buy luxurious cars and bull crap that mainly retains no value with time. But Vixen opened my eyes a little more when she posted this message on IG. She is one of few dancers we know who actually flip their money and understand that this business is not a career it is a hustle. “Get In and Get Out”  says vixen. From exotic dancing to now celebrities like Steph Lecor and Blac Chyna using her companies products and services.

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I am so glad Vixen said this and posted it on social media where I know a lot of women and other exotic dancers follow her so she can set a new bar and new standard on what you do with your money if you are in the “strip game.” S/O to her and much love, respect, and success.

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And honestly if your going to get your body done why not get it done by a women who understands what physical perfection is herself. By a women who’s job was to keep up with her physical perfection at a world famous club that constantly drew in celebrities.