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Winterize Your Hair Regimen With These 4 Tips From Our Fav Youtube Gurus

Whether you are natural or relaxed, maintaining healthy hair should always be your first goal. “Good hair” isn’t inherently long, wavy, or  straight – it is instead hair that retains its length, its moisture, its elasticity, its sheen, its smoothness, and healthy ends.

In addition to what we believe are quintessential methods on how to winterize your hair regimen, we spoke to popular YouTube hair and beauty gurus of all different hair textures to get their input on some of the tips and tricks of their winter hair care regimens. Whether you have locs, rock your natural curl, or keep it sleek and chic with a relaxed hair look, look no further, your winter hair routine adaptations are below.

Consider Changing How Often You Make it a Wash Day


“I wash my locs once a month and the amount of times I wash doesn’t change throughout the seasons. Wash day is a long process for me and I like to minimize the amount of times I have to do it! My hair has been loving rosemary infused water. My dermatologist found that rosemary leads to the stimulation of follicles and thus promote hair growth.” – Jasmine Rose | @ms.jasminerose, Natural Hair & Beauty Vlogger

The frequency of how often you wash your hair should be cut during winter months. Your strands may crave the extra washes in the summer, but excessively wetting your hair might not be as necessary with less humidity, less sweating, and less direct heat from the sun. Fade out wash n’ go styles to hibernate until spring and summertime. Practice trial and error and address your hair care needs accordingly.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heavier Products

“I use an oil mix that consists of different oils with varying weights including, jojoba, olive, avocado, and Jamaican black castor oil, and I use this on my hair throughout the year after every single wash. It helps to seal the moisture into my hair, and it provides essential nutrients to keep my hair strong, shiny, and healthy. After it sits on my hair in the shower, I’ll just give my hair a quick rinse to remove that ‘oily’ feeling, and what’s left over is soft, moisturized hair. This is something that I find benefits my hair throughout the year, so I keep it in my routine regardless of the season. I do, however, like to apply more to my scalp in the colder months, as it can get really dry.” – Whitney White | @naptural85, Natural Hair, Beauty, & Life Vlogger

Hair loves heavier products in the winter time, so don’t be afraid to gravitate towards pomades, shea butter, mango butter, butters in general, or even cholesterol products. That goes for oils as well! As beauty guru Megan says, gravitate towards heavier oils like Jamaican black or avocado oil, or even a moisturizer that is oil-based. This not only provides moisture to your strands, but, as moisture sealants, also acts as a layer of protection for your hair from the cold.

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“During the winter months I deep condition weekly. I also use heavier moisturizers; my favorite being Cantu and Shea Moisture creams. I’ve found that as a natural with my hair type, my hair responds best to water based products.” – Sadora Paris | @sadoraparis, Natural Hair & Beauty Vlogger

Deep conditioning is an important step in any hair regimen but as we emphasize moisture again and again, it becomes increasingly significant to do them in the colder months. Moisture is constantly playing a tug and pull game on your strands with the extreme differences in environments between indoor heat and the outdoor cold so it’s important to have layers on layers on layers of moisture. Deep conditioning is the foundation for that. DIY it with a homemade concoction or use a store-bought one – just be sure to use it with heat for a minimum of half an hour (our favorite is the heat cap). For an added moisture bonus, do a hot oil treatment for 20 minutes.

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“Protective styles during the winter help with dryness and breakage. Braids, wigs, protective braids under wigs, buns, and sew-ins are styles that help with over manipulation and aid in retaining length during the cooler/dryer months.” – Megan  | @ulovemegz, Relaxed Hair & Beauty Vlogger

Protective styles do wonders when it comes to protecting fragile ends and can be just the alternative the weather demands because brittle cold weather can be just as damaging to hair as the excessive summer heat. Wear your hair up in buns, sweater hats (lined in satin), underneath scarves or head wraps, in synthetic braiding weaves, or even underneath sew-ins or wigs. If you’re doing less with your hair and protecting your ends, you’re promoting growth, which is quite the win-win.

How do you switch up your routine for the cold months to achieve healthy hair? Leave your tips below, sharing is caring!

Via: Sheriden Garrett at XoNecole